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The first step – 4UBF Transformation Challenge


Hello to all the sexy people at 4 U Body Fitness!


This week we kick off the 8 week challenge and the feeling is electric! The motivation levels are high for all of the clients and trainers and hopefully it is challenging and fun for all the participants. Personally, I am pumped up as I believe that my clients will demonstrate a huge level of discipline, sacrifice and dedication to get the best results they can over this 2 month period. Team Hulk will put in a massive showing. We are riding a massive 1 challenge winning streak and we will not relinquish our stronghold on these challenges without a fight! That being said though I wish everybody the best of luck over the next 8 weeks.



I’m not going to lie. It will be tough on you from a physical and mental standpoint but the benefits of this challenge will far surpass any of the downsides that you will experience over the journey. For some of the people who are new to personal training, all I can say is that if you commit 100%, at the end of the challenge, I will guarantee that you will have a better outlook on life and feel amazing for it. For the people who are going through this crazy rodeo for a second time, set the bar high and really push yourselves to get in the best physical shape that you have ever been in. All it takes is a little push and every journey always starts with a single step.


New Kids On The Block wrote an awesome song about it. Step by step (OOOH BABYYYYY!!). Well…not entirely relevant to what I’m saying but the message should not be lost in the translation. Take this 8 week challenge one step at a time, one day at a time, one meal at a time and one rep at a time. Do not get lost in the hype of the challenge. You have 56 days and I guarantee each and every single one of you will have a bad day or two. Don’t let these bad days stop your progress and do not let your mistakes get you down. As long as we learn from our foibles and make up for our errors, we will have positive results. If you have a horrible day with exercise and diet, make up for it the next day. We all make mistakes. That’s why pencils have erasers.


The hardest part will be creating new habits and sticking to them. Changing your diet will no doubt be the hardest thing to change. Let’s face it…everything that tastes amazing, is horrible for you! It will help if you do research about what is good and what is bad for you. If you are unsure of anything, ask your trainer as the team at 4 U Body Fitness are very knowledgeable (and incredibly sexy to boot!) Do not be afraid to ask questions regarding diet or exercise.


It is always a little bit scary to take that first step and make a change. Imagine how Neil Armstrong the astronaut must have felt when he taken that first step on the moon? I bet he was so scared that he called up NASA and APOLLO-GISES (Ba Dum…Tsss). It is always scary to face adversity and challenge but the challenge is what brings out the best in people. We need to be pushed and we need to work for our successes but we also need to go through hardships to learn how to appreciate success in the first place. This challenge will show you what you are capable of if you truly want it. Three things will get you through this. Sacrifice, Discipline and Determination.


If you have all three of these things over the journey, you will ultimately get the results you are looking for. All you need to do is to take that first step.


Good luck to everybody!



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