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What movements should we do every day?

Movements we should do every day to be awesome


So today I’ve been tasked to write up a blog on movements we should do every day. Why, to help keep us fit, healthy, and above all else, awesome! These are simple movements which will build on your planned exercise

It is suggested that, as a minimum, we should get 10,000 steps per day. This is on top of planned/structured exercise. The current research shows that just doing half an hour of planned exercise is not enough, and that we should be moving all throughout the day for the best health outcomes. This leads me to say the number one movement we should do during the day is:


On top of this, some emerging research is showing that all of what we’ve discussed above still isn’t enough. Basically, doing exercise is great for weight loss and fitness, but it kind of gets cancelled out if you are sitting eight hours a day at work. How do we solve this? Standing desks or jobs on your feet are the best way. If neither of these are possible, regular breaks to stand up are key, getting up every 20-30 minutes. Additionally, standing postures (with correct muscle use), can be better for the health of your back and neck, when compared to sitting. So, quite simple, number two movement is:


From my studies and experience with physios, I can tell you one of the most important muscle groups in the body is the glutes. Getting these bad boys to fire properly helps to improve a number of things, including getting your hips moving properly, off-loading some muscle groups we tend to overuse and places your lumbar spine (lower back) into a more neutral (nicer) position. Improving the control of your glutes in function (tasks you do day-to-day) is great for most back, hip and knee conditions, and forms the basis of most well designed rehab programmes. Plus, ladies especially, who wouldn’t want a tighter set of puns (insert peach emoji). So movements three (and four) are:


As a man, I would be foolish not to mention this last exercise. The main reason we all work out right? We all think it’s what the ladies want (oh how wrong we are at times). Who doesn’t like to show off the guns? It would be great for you to be able to sell anyone and everyone a ticket to the gun show. So, the last exercise group to focus on every day, without fail :P, is:


Okay the last one was a bit of a joke. Seriously though, get up and about, get moving!! I’ll leave you with one final thought, what else can you do? You might be walking, exercising, standing at work, doing some rehab, etc etc. But, what is one more movement you can add in during the day? Let us know on facebook!


Tim Coombs
Mobile Personal Training Specialist
4 U Body Fitness

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