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Luis Fabres: What an amazing journey!



Many of you may not know this, but I started my weight loss in late 2010. Not sure what the exact reason was but I decided to start losing weight. I had no specific goals apart from getting slim, so a friend of mine took me to the 1000 Steps in Ferntree Gully. I become hooked and started going there every day. My goal was to get up these steps without having to rest and over time it slowly started becoming easier. 

I participated in my first event in February 2011 – this was the MS ride, which was only 40KM around Melbourne. I felt like I was dying during the ride but it was a huge accomplishment for someone that had never done any exercise, let alone ride like this.

By July 2011 I had lost over 40 kilograms and I was able to do this with the help of my family, friends and my co-worker Nicole. These people were always there to support me through this journey – especially Nicole who was my self-control when I wanted to eat hot chips at work!

I decided to start running. I found this enjoyable and also calming – my first run was back in April and was only 1.35 KM. Running become an addiction and at my peak I was running around 100 KM a week.  I have participated in many events during this time such as the “City to Surf” – 14 KM run from Sydney’s CDB finishing at Bondi Beach, ”Great Train Race” – 13.5 Km Run through the Dandenong’s against Puffing and Billy and “Run 4 the Kids” – 15.5 Km Run through Melbourne which I would suggest everyone should try. Reading through fitness magazines I came across the Eureka Tower run that entails climbing 1642 steps to level 88 of the building. My goal for this run is to break the 10 Minute mark, which is still a work in progress. This is one of the goals that I’m currently working on

. Luis beforeLuis After

Nicole suggested I try 4 U Body Fitness. Nicole would often talk about the great sessions and fun she had, even though after each session she would walk funny and continuously complain she was in pain. I contacted Tim and it was suggested that I attend a booster that weekend. And so I did. It was a very interesting session and I was unable to move for a couple of days afterwards. Thanks to 4 U Body Fitness, I realised I had no strength and was unable to even complete a push up, so I signed up for boot camp in February 2013. I have enjoyed many great sessions and have met some amazing people, making some great friendships in the process.

I have recently taken up PT again with my amazing trainer Skye. We are working together to find my non-existent six-pack – which I want so badly. I’m really enjoying her expertise and knowledge even though my weakness is my love for chocolate and cakes – I keep getting told six-packs are made in the kitchen

Finally, I would also like to thank all the trainers I have met during the last couple of years for the amazing work and enjoyable sessions. Without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Luis Fabres


A personal note from the director: I have been working with Luis in various ways throughout his entire journey. For a man that loves his coffee and cake you have been more than just an amazing client but also have been a great motivator and inspiration to others! Luis my friend (and more than pleased to be able to call him that) I want to personally congratulate you on the results you have gotten so far. I 100% expect to see those 6 pack abs we always talk about one day, and it is not out of  your reach. I have seen your ability to push past physical and mental barriers, this makes me proud of as a trainer and enables me to continue to love what I do for a living!


Keep smashing it dude and stay awesome!


Tim Morgan


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