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AMRAP Work Out Number 4

AMRAP Number 4 


Its Great to see you guys taking your Workouts into your own hands and seeing some big numbers come through on our e-mails and our facebook page! 

if your not following us on facebook yet do it!!!


Ok Here It Is! 

Make sure you warmup  Properly before you play! 

Today we are going for your best time! get through this as fast as possible


Running Backwards 50m X 4

*When running backwards engage your core, make sure arms are pumping and lean forwards slightly as to not fall over. Please ,make sure you have a clear run and focus on not skewing off your track!

Mountain Climbers 200 Switches – Not as Scary as you may think get down and get on with it

30 Chin ups – If you cant do full body weight chins Switch into an inverted row 

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1  Star Jumps with a 20m run up and back 

Push Ups 20m  Crawl – Push up, Step forward with knee to elbow and repeat alternating legs 

100 Skips to sprint finish and we are all Done! 

Post your best score on our facebook page! 


Stay Awesome Guys


Tim Morgan 

4 U Body Fitness

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