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A Powerlifters Diary Part 3 – Rhiannon Leake


Hey Everyone!


So a quick recap, in my last blog I mentioned how I had missed out on the competition I had planned for. Well good news this time I did as I said and checked daily till entries opened for April. I will be hitting that platform again, April 26 in the Aussie Legends ANZAC Cup!



At 7 weeks out (week of 2/3) I had a couple of setbacks; I took Brad’s advice and tried out the gastro diet for a few days. I didn’t go as far as getting my teeth surgically removed like him, as I’m rather attached to them. Pro’s to the diet; I lost 1.5kg over the two days and didn’t get hungry at all! I felt pretty lean but couldn’t flex due to the associated stomach cramps. All in all I wouldn’t recommend this diet to anyone really. The negatives far outweigh the positives. I wasn’t able to train for 3 days or do much at all really as I was so fatigued and felt dizzy if I moved too much. However in this week, first training session back after feeling sick and watching Brad do his first official attempt at the 300, I was inspired! I figured now was as good a time as any to attempt something so challenging and I was hanging out to train. Strangely enough I got just over the 10-minute mark my body was somewhat fresh from doing no exercise for the past few days. Even more surprisingly I didn’t pull up sore!


Later in the week I had to see an orthopaedic specialist as I broke my left big toe in December and it hadn’t healed. That was exciting, waiting 2 hours for a 2 minute consult and told to just wait another 3 months before they would consider doing anything, as they don’t like to operate on feet due to the high risk of infection. It is only a tiny break but when it happened I also dislocated and tore the skin so I did a good job. Fingers crossed my body decides to heal, doctor said it may be due to me doing too much… My toe hasn’t been concerning me, I can still lift and that’s all that matters. I did get a little sore after doing my 300 though but no pain, no gain or glory.


6 Weeks out (week 9/3) my health is 100% and so too is training. Sessions all went well, some harder than others but I know I put everything I could into each one and that’s all that counts. Getting consistent training in with quality repetitions and enough volume is what leads to results. I had a mentally challenging deadlift session this week; I put it down to be over competitive with a Fitbit challenge and therefore compromising sleep and walking too much, which aggravates my hip. My technique was still good but I struggled mentally to believe that I could do all my reps. That’s where I find having a workout buddy helpful, it keeps me on track and sometimes a few words of encouragement make all the difference. The feeling after getting through those kinds of workouts, as most of you would know is empowering. I had to dig deep for that particular session and I know it not only makes me stronger physically but mentally too an essential component in my line of competition and in life in general.


5 Weeks out (week of 23/3) Uni has been hectic to say the least and my spare time has been minimal. As I preach to all my clients, preparation is the key to success and lately I haven’t been very good, in fact I will admit I have been terrible with my food prep and in turn I haven’t been eating the best, my sleep has been reduced and I’ve had the worst cravings for chocolate! I find this is a normal occurrence for me around assignment times. Preparation is something I’m really trying to focus on this week. Something I’m trialling is writing a mini daily diary with only a few points so it doesn’t cut into my sleep time. Things I’m including are; what I did well that particular day, what I can improve on and how and finally 3-5 goals I want to focus on the following day. So far this is working really well for me as it makes me reflect each day and then in the morning I can read over my goals so I am starting and finishing my day focused on my goals.


I have 5 weeks to go and I want to go into this competition as prepared as possible come comp day. ‘Train hard, win easy!’



Rhiannon Leake

4 U Body Fitness

Mobile Personal Training Specialist



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