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4UBF 2015 Colour Run


Pretty Colours everywhere!


The colour run down at albert park lake this year was a fantastic event! Really well organized and so much fun! Regardless of your fitness level this was and awesome day out! With tutu’s, fluro glasses and some of the best socks I have ever seen it was set up from the start!


The concept of the event is that you have a 5km walk/run which has colour stations in which you get covered in coloured corn starch.


This event was so much fun especially at the end of the run when your receive your own colour pouch to powder each other with! That we did check out some of the photos to see exactly how crazy it got! Thank you to the team for pinning me down and smashing me with a few colour packets, I will have my colourful revenge!


I want to make a really quick mention to young Jack Hornstra who ran the 5km with us a great effort. I love nothing more than to see the youth of today pushing to be fitter and stronger. Jacko you crushed it!


Check out the pictures below to see all the action!


Colour run 6 Colour Run 7 Colour run1 Colour Run2 Colour run3 Colour run4 Colour run5

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