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Motivation 101

Motivation 101

I was thinking the today what could we open our first blog with??? Mind you I was still trying to work out if I could even make one happen… So I thought what is the hottest topic that no one ever talks about! It’s Motivation.

You always hear about how to lose 5 kgs in a week, and drink this crazy high tech shake with bcaa’s and protein, and amino acids, and blah blah blah! Well we all know the biggest “secret” to weight loss is to sort out your food and start exercising regularly and at intensity. I know some of my personal training mates are going to kill me for giving away that secret!!
The one thing that makes it hard is to get and stay motivated! (This is where we come in but I’ll talk about that later.) So here is my steps to getting you super motivated so that you can achieve any thing you want to do it in regards to health and fitness!

Step 1 be SMART

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I warned you before that there would be a plug! But seriously step 1 is to work out exactly what you want to achieve! Find that end point, that deep down desired result. From here you need to set SMART goals.
Specific – this means describe in detail what you want to look like, e.g. I want to be 56kgs, size 8 with smaller thighs, bum and stomach. Or for the boys I want 6 pack abs be able to fit into a medium t-shirt and I want bigger biceps (at least another inch in circumference
Measurable – So if you have an “I just want to get fit” goal, make it measurable. To measure my fitness at the moment I may be able to run 1km without stopping, and in fact when I achieve my goal I want to not just get fitter but be able to run 5km without stopping in under 30minutes
Attainable – Make sure that your goal is attainable don’t say in 6 weeks I want to run a marathon if in fact there is no marathons being run at that time..
Realistic – this further details attainable if you have never ran before I wouldn’t say that the marathon in 6 weeks is actually going to be a good idea, your only setting yourself up for failure which will demotivate you even further
Time Bound – Always put an end date on your goal, this will make you accountable. This willalso keep you focused, sometimes when the goal is too far away you lose sight of what you’re trying to achieve!


Step 2 Make a commitment

Go out and tell everyone what your trying to achieve, this will make you accountable and you won’t want to let them down, or be telling them that I fell off the band wagon ….
Make a bet! If I don’t have a lean ripped 6 pack by the 31st of March ill shout the boys at the pub for the whole night!
Buy something that you want to wear or book a romantic holiday that you want to look awesome for (this one also doubles as a reward)


Step 3 Pleasure and pain


Whilst your goal setting describe how you feel now. These emotions that have fuelled your decision to make change are very important! They are feelings that we don’t ever want to feel again and you need to right these down. For health and fitness this is best when accompanied by a Pre-photo; either in your underwear or something that you don’t feel comfortable in! * If you feel uncomfortable taking this photo that is kind of the point so stop procrastinating!
With pain we also require pleasure, so also write down how you are going to feel when you achieve your goal (If you right “good” you need to seriously assess why you are trying to achieve your goal and if the goal is actually yours!). Also I want you to find a photo of you when you were in the condition that you want to get into again, or if you haven’t been there yet find a photo of a celebrity that has a similar body type to you that has achieved what you’re GOING to!


Step 4 Reward


On your Journey celebrate your wins! Whenever you lose 3% of your body fat or hit the 5kg lost mark or run 10kms for thfirst time, go out and have a massage or when you get half way reward yourself with a weekend escape!


Step 5 Test and measure


You need to know if you are achieving your results that you desire so every 4 to 8 weeks make sure you check in and take measurements, check your food diary, measure your fitness level, take a new photo, try those pants on again! If what you’re not doing isn’t working or you have plateaued make a change!
*Note: Don’t whinge or complain at this point it happens to everyone and there is no stopping it! Make the decision to up your exercise or cut out the next bad thing to keep your weight moving.


Step 6 Mindset


Control the voice
That little voice in your head that says this is hard, or just a little bit won’t hurt; he is the little devil that will stop you achieving what you want! You control those thought so every time Mr devil thought comes out make sure you change that negative into a positive. Always celebrate your mental wins. When you actively make a decision that takes you a step towards your goal you will feel proud and happy, this is very important as these feelings will continue to motivate you!
Don’t Deprive!
Remember when you were a little kid and you were told not to do something? That’s right you wanted nothing more than to do it! Remember that your goals are in your hands, no one is ever going to achieve them for you!!!!  So instead of saying I am not allowed this and that, remember you are allowed to have or do whatever you want, if have it  just means that you are actively choosing to not to step towards achieving your goal. You must also know that it is 100% ok to make that decision, if that’s what you want to do. On the flip side remember if you want to achieve the best results possible choose not to have what you don’t need.
For example; Chocolate mud cake, quite possibly my most favourite thing in the whole wide world, and I could eat it every day! (This is probably a shock to some of you but yeah I have a sweet tooth too!) However I can eat it if I want but I choose not to because I want six pack abs. I know I don’t “need” the cake, once I know that I can choose not to want it!
I know this one is complicated but super effective get on trying to change your mindset! This maybe the single most valuable tool on this page!!!


Step 7 Check in!


Make sure that at least every 4 to 8 weeks you re-assess your goals and make sure that you still want to achieve what you are working so hard for!
 So enjoy my 7 steps for unlocking the secret to you achieving all of your goals – motivation! You should be a little motivated just thinking about this!
Most important thing to remember is to stop contributing to the cancer of society that procrastination is, and TAKE ACTION

P.s If you need help with your action taking don’t hesitate to contact us and get your free action plan and goal setting session which gives you a home plan and gets you Super motivated!

Tim Morgan

 Master Personal Trainer (and motivator)

4 U Body Fitness

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