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Balancing the Scales

Hi Guys today I have decided to talk the basics about “IN vs OUT” the way we balance the scales!! This is a hot topic and follows the science of calorie counting and Points systems and how they work and how effective they are!

The Basics

To get started all of these systems are about consuming less energy (measured in calories or kilojoules) than you use. Energy in comes from food which include Alcohol, Carbohydrates, Fat and Protein! Energy out includes exercise, thermal effect of food (energy cost to digest food) and your Basal metabolic rate (energy burnt to maintain your bodies processes at rest).

What this means is:

A)     If you use more energy than you Consume your stored energy (Carbohydrates and Fat) will be burnt.

B)      If you use less energy than you Consume you will store excess energy (stored as Fat and fill depleted carbohydrate stores)

C)      You Consume the same amount of energy as you use and the scales will balance and your body fat will stay the same

To find out how much energy you need to consume per day e-mail me at with your name, phone number, age, height, gender and weight.


How much difference do you need to lose weight??


To put yourself in a fat burning mode and to lose up to a kilogram per week you’re looking at creating a Difference of 2000kj to 4000kj per day not going below a total 5000kj per day without consulting a dietician (no matter what your new amazing whizz bang calorie counting app on your iPhone tells you!.) . The difference of 2000kj to 4000kj will aim to decrease your body weight by .5kg to 1 kg per week!


What are my Exercise sessions worth?


Light exercise; golf, walking, tai chi and house work will burn on average 900kj to 1100kj per hour

Medium exercise; light weight training, basketball, tennis, brisk walking will burn you about 1200kj to 1500kj per hour

Heavy exercise; heavy weight training, kick boxing, skipping, running, swimming (with intensity) and stair and hill work will burn you about 2200kj to 3000kj an hour


How can I start to do this without needing to count every kilojoule?


The easiest way to do this is cut liquid calories!!!!! This means lose the coke (between700 and 1000kj per bottle), lose the coffee (between 300 and 1800kj per drink depending on what you have!) Soft drinks (700 and 1200kj), flavoured milk (up to 2500kj per bottle) most liquid calories have minimal nutritional value so if they are just contributing to your waist line, let them go! Please for me?

Little sweets are normally come with a high kilojoule price tag as well ranging from 300kj to 500kj for a chocolate that comes out of a favourite’s box!

Most vegetables the kilojoule content is negligible and you get a ridiculous amounts of vitamins and minerals out of them so fill up on these eats as many as you like!

Swap fruit for sweet treats; serving of fruit is normally around 300kj, a great alternative to your chocolate bar (about 1100kj) and the natural sugar in the fruit will hit the spot on the sugar craving!

The only vegies that you need to worry about are potato, pumpkin, corn which are generally higher in starch and have more kilojoules in them!


If I want to count what is the best way?


There are many food tracking apps out there which do a great job at adding up your calories for you! The most important thing with these apps is that you put in every little thing, don’t leave that 1 grape or that half a biscuit out! These are the simplest method but always follow these 3 simple rules:

1)      Always under estimate your exercise

2)      Always over estimate your food

3)      Always write down everything! Don’t lie to yourself and if you are lying then you need to figure out why?


If you’re not losing weight

You generally need to eat less or exercise more! Always try and increase your exercise first, this is to make sure you’re not starving yourself of the nutrients that you need, this is also assuming that you have taken the first step and cleaned up your food, if your still eating a kilo of chocolate and 10 potato cakes a day I would cut them first!



Always consult a dietician before making major changes to your diet

And always consult your gp before undergoing a strenuous exercise program


I hope you enjoyed this article if you have any further questions on this article comment below or e-mail me at


Tim Morgan


4 U Body Fitness


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