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Boxing – The beginning of your new sexy physique!

Boxing for fitness is a great way to burn stacks of ugly, unwanted body fat and is one of my favourite tools to use whilst with my personal training clients!


All my personal training clients know that when the pads come out their heart rate is about to go through the roof and their arms and shoulders are going to burn! They know that they better have their sweat towel handy, because sweat is about to start pouring off them!


On top of all the weight loss benefits, boxing sessions can be set up to target the whole body! This allows you to shape and tone up everything from those most hated bingo wings (Ladies, you know what i am talking about), and help shape that keg or pot and turn it into a sexy sculpted 6 pack! (For all you boxing enthusiasts, we have an e-book on ten fat melting, stress shattering boxing workouts. E-mail me at to find out how you can get a copy!)

Having a massive smash session that works every muscle in your body is fantastic right? Then that in itself should be enough to motivate you to get off the couch and train right?

So, why are you sill reading this ?


Ok, so may you need a little more convincing. Try boxing doubles as one of the best stress relieving exercises. Nothing gives you more gratification than putting the image of someone who has really tickled you the wrong way in the front of your mind and then smashing their face in!!!  – Without all those ugly repercussions (like trying to get blood out of your nice white shirt  :-)). Ok, a little graphic and I am not normally a violent person, but you all know exactly what it feels like!


Want to know what happens when boxing start getting addicted to boxing?

Check this out:









I know, terrible right? That is exactly why we use boxing in our personal training sessions!

(And just a side note; I don’t know why all girls who box do it in their underwear, but it seems to be the trend on google?)


Alright, so now that I have convinced you to go out and smash stuff, what do you need and how do you do it?


What you need:

  •  Hand wraps – Hand Wraps can be purchased at any good sport store and are 100% required in my personal opinion. You wont ever box in my classes or personal training sessions without them on!! They protect your wrists and knuckles from major damage! Don`t be a hero, put your bloody wraps on!


  • Boxing gloves – You need good boxing gloves that fit snug with your wraps on! Avoid buying cheap gloves that don`t fit right. Again, you’re only putting yourself at risk, and you will only get fat if you have two sprained wrists and can’t exercise because you didn’t buy the right gloves!


  • Boxing Bag – A good quality bag that suspends from a fixed point is what I find the most fun, and the most effective. There is no need to worry about it falling over or splitting after the first punch. Please note that bags will wear in, so you might just have to give them a few good beat downs before they are soft enough for you to go hammer and tong.


  • Focus Pads – Great if you have a partner to workout with and it is always so much more motivating! Remember to always punch across and don`t punch your partner (although fun and amusing normally ends up with someone getting hurt and then its back to just you and the bag lol). Again, make sure your focus mitts are a snug fit and provide adequate protection for your hands, remember your partner is about to give them a beat down!



Boxing basics

We are going to give you the basics on how to throw your first punch and get possibly the most fun and effective workout you have ever had!


We are going to start with your boxing stance. Start with your left foot in front of your right foot, about shoulder width apart. Jump up and down a couple of times until your feet are in a comfortable stance, and have your weight distributed  towards the front of your foot.


Next bring your left hand up in front of you until it sits in front of your nose. Bring your right hand up until it sits just underneath your chin.


Next, to make a fist curl your fingers into the palm of your hand and lock them down by spreading your thumb across the middle of your fingers.


To punch extend your left arm forward, rotating your fist so that your knuckles finish parallel with the floor.


Now to add the power! Once you have got the hang of the twisting motion, rotate your hip and shoulders by pivoting on the balls of your feet when you punch.


The final step is to always punch through the target, hitting with the knuckles of your index and middle finger making contact first.


Now its time to stat smashing the bag!


We will post a blog on how to use the wraps in the next few days so look out for a video.


At the bottom of that post will be an awesome fat blasting workout so look forward to that! But, to get you started here are some beginner combinations.


Beginner Combos


Each combination should go for a minimum of 60 seconds and work into 3 minute rounds.


  • Left
  • Right
  • Left, Right
  • Right, Left
  • Left, Left, Right
  • Right, Right, Left
  • Left, Left, Right, Left, Right
  • Right, Right, Left, Right, Left
  • Left, Left, Right, Right


Try and get a little creative and think of some of your own and post them up here!


Have an absolute ball smashing random objects, oops I mean the pads, like I always do.

And guys, remember to stay awesome!


Tim Morgan

Director 4 U Body Fitness

Create the You that You Want


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