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Leg Sculpting Workout with No Equipment


Now we are talking! Let’s get into what my favourite part of the body is to train – the legs! This includes your Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings, and Calves!

Whether training for fat loss or athletic ability, it is important that this body part is trained and trained hard! Often neglected, our prime movers are actually our best friends when achieving your health and fitness goals!!


As training legs is always tough work, some people need a little more convincing than others! Some of the benefits of training your leg guns include;

Burning more energy than working any other part of your body – As we know, you can spot reduce body fat (this means choose to take fat off a chosen body part by training that specific body part)! This means that Legs-based sessions are a time efficient way to have a high calorie burning workout, that is going to contribute to sculpting your entire body!

Greater hormonal response – When trying to achieve your health and fitness goals, you need your hormones on your side (just ask anyone who has experienced a thyroid condition). Training legs is the best proven method to get your body to release testosterone and growth hormone. These hormones assist in muscle growth and increase lean body mass. Don’t worry ladies that doesn’t mean that you’re going to look like Arnie, it means you’re going to have enough lean mass to get your metabolism burning at a higher rate decreasing ugly unwanted body fat, and continuing that whilst you sleep! How awesome is that?! Burning body fat while you’re asleep!

Decreases the risk of injury to your ankles knees hips and back – By strengthening the muscles around these important structures, you provide a more stable environment, and therefore preventing the likely hood of rolling an ankle or twisting a knee.

Improves athletic performance – Training your legs in the right way will help you run faster, jump higher and increase endurance and stability! Why are you not raining your legs right now?! Ditch the chair and squat whilst you read this workout!!

Look Sexier! – Hey this is the important one right?


Alright now I have convinced you to start doing amazing leg workouts, let’s talk about what to do, and more importantly  how to do it without using any specialised equipment.

Please note if you’re new to exercise, please consult your exercise professional or doctor before starting a program. This is designed for people with an intermediate level of fitness or above.

We’ll start with walking lunges; a great way to get the heart rate up and get those legs warm. Make sure your thigh and shin are parallel when going down. 15 steps off each leg.


Secondly, one legged or pistol squats; make sure you’re working with a neutral spine and your core is locked down! Another important tip is to have a focus point so that you don’t lose your balance! 12 off each leg.


Thirdly, tuck jumps; great to get the heart rate going – I don’t know too many exercises that make you feel like this! Focus is knees to nipples, and make sure you’re absorbing the impact of the ground when you land always getting down to 90 degrees. 3 sets of 12 jumps.


Fourth exercise is a hip extension or a bridge; lie on your back with your knees bent, engage your core and pelvic floor muscles and lift your hips towards the roof until you reach your neutral position (this is where your shoulders, hips and knees all line up in a straight line). If this exercise isn’t challenging enough, try it with only one leg. 2 sets of 15.


If you’re hardcare you can add a final exercise of 30 step ups per side for 2 sets each 🙂

Or add on 2 sets of 12 of the Star reach; balance on one leg, squat down, extend your body out into a superman pose and return to the top.


The following day you should already feel your legs starting to sculpt!

I hope you guys enjoy the benefits of leg training. It

is one thing in the fitness industry that is under trained so make sure you get a leg up (yes that is the best pun you have ever heard!). Start pumping them into your routine!


Stay Awesome


Tim Morgan

Director 4 U Body Fitness

Mobile Personal Training

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