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Liz Mayers Story

One of our amazing clients Liz Mayers, who has been absolutely crushing it with her no quit attitude and enthusiasm, as evidenced by the photos below. Here are the results that Liz has achieved in the past 7 months(only doing one personal training session per week)  so far, well done!

This is the progress that Liz has made in her testing sessions in the past 7 months:

  • Dropped 4.4 kg
  • Lost 4.2% body fat
  • Gained 1.8 kg muscle
  • Lost 5 cm off the waist and 7 cm off the bottom
  • Medicine ball squats in 60 sec increased from 20 to 29
  • Started with 30 pushups in one minute on her knees, now able to do 35 on her toes
  • Plank time added 2 minutes (1:29 to 3:35)


Question #1:
What where your Challenges before you started 4UBF Personal Training?

“Time and motivation.”

Question #2:
What results do you get / have you gotten from our Personal Training?

“Slimmed and toned my physique. Motivated me to continue to set new goals for myself. Reinvigorated my confidence and outlook on other aspects of my life.”

Question #3:
What kept you from starting Personal Training sooner?

“Cost, but I have found it to be worth the investment.”

Question #4:
What exactly did you like most about 4UBF Personal Training and / or 4 U Body Fitness?

“I love the fact that my trainer fits in around my schedule, as I don’t want to waste time commuting to a gym.”

Question #5:
Why would you recommend this Personal Training to those who might be on the fence?

“The benefit of having a personal trainer is that they personalize a plan tailored around your personal goals, lifestyle and needs. The additional check up SMSs help keep you on track.”

Question #6:
Do you have any other benefits you want to mention about 4 U Body Fitness and 4UBF Personal Training, or anything else you want to add?

I find my Personal Trainer to be informative when teaching me correct techniques, and the training sessions are always varied and adapted to my ability level. I am impressed with the level of quality service I receive.”

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