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Hard Work and Sacrifice. Part 1 of A Personal Trainers Journey

Over This Series Of Blog Posts One Of Our Own Mobile Personal Training Specialist, Brad Carroll Shares His Story, This Is A Rare Insight Into Exactly How Much Like Our Clients We Actually Are, And That We Are In Fact Human, And The Difference Between Success And Failure For All Of Us!   



Hard work and sacrifice.


These words will get you to any goal that you set for yourself in life in general. Whether it be in fitness and weight loss, or a career based goal, these things are key in order to achieve your goals.


My name is Brad Carroll and I am a personal trainer with 4 U Body Fitness. I have trained a wide variety of people from people who are insane and love to be pushed until they almost throw up, to people who are so shy and timid that there rarely talk. Although these people are so different, they share the same goal. To make themselves better everyday, to make themselves fitter, stronger and more confident.


I recently had to make a change in my life. After suffering a shoulder injury during a football game (And being a stubborn competitive male,I continued playing) I found it very difficult after the season to get myself up and motivated… The same person who many of my clients relied on for inspiration and guidance, could not even get himself up and going. As a result, in two months, my weight ballooned from 98kg playing weight to 107kg. I felt miserable. I felt unhappy and I felt like I was a hypocrite. Who was I to give advice when I could not even follow my own rules and guidance?


As personal trainers I believe we all should practice what we preach. People look up to us for guidance, inspiration and to make positive changes in people’s lives. So I needed to make a change in my own life. 


I have decided to go on an 8 week block like what we put our clients through and I’m going to show you all how much you can change your life in as little as 8 weeks if you 100% commit and put in a lot of hard work and sacrifice. We all can make excuses and we all have days where we just cannot be bothered but every day we waste, we can never get back! I used my shoulder as an excuse but I still had 2 perfectly working legs, 1 heart still pumping blood and 1 extremely competitive mind. I will show everyone what can be achieved with hard work and a no excuse mentality.


Some of my wonderful clients are the most inspirational people I have ever met. Some will move Heaven and Earth to get to their goals, Some have just started their weight loss journey but are very excited for the long journey ahead and I draw motivation from each and every one of them. When I train them, they never give up, however when some of them are on their own, that’s when it is tough for them and they start falling back into old habits and finding old excuses again. The diet starts to slip and then motivation becomes harder to come by. I know this from experience. Without motivation, nothing gets done. As humans, we will naturally find the easiest way to do something and generally old habits are comfortable habits….Easy habits. As a trainer and semi professional sportsman, nutrition and diet is the key. I believe its 25% exercise and 75% nutrition. We combine them together and we will fast track our results. It’s as simple as that. 


My 8 week journey is to help motivate my clients and the 4U Body Fitness family as well as meet my extremely high standards that I hold for myself. I have been told, If you want to be the best, you have to eat, train, sleep and act like the best. After all…. We are all our own harshest critics. 


What I aim to try and teach everyone is that we all can find time to work out and we all can take the necessary steps to reach our goals. I will share with you my 8 week program, all the highs and lows that I go through and my diet and exercise tips. The great thing about our journey is that when we reach the goals we set for ourselves, we make new ones and the challenge and journey starts again. This is the great thing about your journey. It’s YOUR journey and you only have yourselves to rely on. We as personal trainers can give guidance and advice but we cannot do all the work for you.


So as I start on my journey and as you continue on your own challenging journey, I would just like to say that you are doing the right thing. You are making a positive change in your lives and your good habits and positive energy will rub off onto others and help then become better and more positive people. Sometimes it’s not always about reaching the destination… Sometimes it’s about the journey and the steps taken along the journey that gets you to that destination. Keep working hard boys and girls… I know I will be!


Brad Carroll – Personal Trainer 4U Body fitness


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