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Goal Setting For Success (LW4L)

Goal Setting For Success!


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This is the first of a group of blog posts we will be setting up for the long walk for life, but the information will be relevant for all people wanting to achieve ultimate health and fitness!


We want to start on goal setting and building a walking program so that anyone at any fitness level can get in and do their bit for the long walk for life! The long walk for life is a great charity raising funds to put people through suicide intervention and prevention programs, and we are excited to help these guys rise as much funds as possible to prevent the traumatic event that a person committing suicide is!


Setting your Long walk for life Goals (this System Can be used for any goals including life goals!)!


Last year each lap of the long walk for life was just under 2kms so we will use this as a basic target for your goals!


To start getting an idea of what level your currently at, go to your apps store or equivalent on your smart phone and look for a run tracking app. Even though you may not be planning to run the information on here is extremely important for your motivation and to monitor your progress. Some apps allow you to share straight to facebook and twitter so you can help motivate and compete with friends and family and maybe even strike up a bit of competition to get every one training (post your scores on the Long Walk For Life Page)!

The first thing we do with all our clients looking to do an event like this is to do a best effort walk or run – this means we want you to go out and see what you can do get a baseline score if you like. You may find that you can already walk for an hour or that you may only last 1 kilometer but either way we need to know so you can reach your target.


From there set your goal according to an increase of 1-2km per week until the event.


Therefore If you went out and could walk 4kms and there is 4 weeks to the event your aim should be to hit 8-12kms by the event day (remember this is also a team event so you will not have to do all of that in a row, unless your ready to take on the challenge!). Or in the case of the walk doing 4-6 laps for the walk and raise stacks of cash!


Some people will have a better fitness background and be able to achieve even more just make sure your listening to your body whilst your training. You Should have muscle fatigue and burn in your legs whilst training but your joints should not be hurting and if they are don’t hesitate to consult your physio or gp. If you haven’t trained in a while it is not unusual to be sore for one or two days after your training sessions but your body will start to adapt to the training as you go along and the after work out soreness you get will decrease.


Use this system to break down and achieve your goals


What is my Number One Goal? (Be specific)


When Do I Want To Achieve My Goal by?


How Much Time Do I Need To Allocate To My Goal?


When Am I Most Motivated?


How Much Does it Mean To Me To Achieve This Goals?


How Will I Feel When I Achieve This Goal?


Do I Need Any Equipment or Advice(maybe consulting a GP, Physio Personal Trainer etc) ?


What Motivational Tools/Reminders Will You Implement?


What One Thing Am I Going To Do Every Day To Make Sure That I Achieve My Goal? 


Once you have answered all these questions you are now starting to create a picture of where you’re at and where you need to be! You should be feeling excited and motivated.


Our next blog in this series will teach you how to start putting together an action plan on how to achieve your goals that you have set! In the mean time start looking at our AMRAP Work outs to get you moving!

Stay Awesome Guys


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