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Winter Transformation Challenge 2016 What You Need To Know!

Welcome to our Winter Transformation Challenge 2016!


This is our major challenge for the year and it is here to challenge you both mentally and physically and provide you with a burst of inspiration, focus and education!

We want you to get the maximum benefit from being a 4 U Body Fitness Awesomite, and we have spent hours as a team to create this amazing challenge which is at ZERO extra cost!

There are 2 categories for the challenge. This will cover almost all of our current team!

1. Weight loss
2. Mind and body transformation

For Our Challenges:

  • We have built 12 weeks for progressive workouts for beginner and intermediate fitness levels with the use of no equipment at home!
  • We have created an example meal plan to help guide
  • We will be giving you HTL5 our e-book on how to lose your first 5kgs – this includes how to create workouts at home and Hiit sessions, a Nutrition guide and Recipes!
  • We have created a Master your Mindset coaching guide. This includes – How to create your vision, How to set goals to achieve your vision, and a template for you to use anytime you want to achieve anything!
  • Video series on how to do all of the exercises in the guide

To get started you need to submit your 1st photo with our winter transformation challenge image  in the background, first set of fitness test scores and waist measurement.  Once you have done that we will be releasing the first 4 weeks of your exercise program, meal guide, HTL5 and Master Your Mindset Coaching guide to your inbox.


Challenge Dates
Registration opens: Monday 20-05-2016

Challenge week 1 starts: Monday 6-06-2016

Registration closes: Sunday 12-06-2016

1st Check in due: Sunday 03-07-2016


2nd Check in due: Sunday31-07-2016
Challenge ends: Sunday 28-08-2016

Last Chance to submit your results:  Wednesday 31-08-2016

Winter Transformation Before Picture

Winter Transformation Before Picture

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 8.11.15 AM

Winter Transformation Challenge Template

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 8.12.09 AM

Winter Transformation Challenge Guidelines




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