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Habits of Success series – Plan and prep your food


Habits of Success series –  Plan and prep your food

“If you fail to plan you plan to fail” Benjamin Franklin


The food you put into your body will either heal you or harm you and if you are eating like crap at the moment you are doing more harm than good. So we should all be pumped to eat healthy so we feel great right?


Common Challenges: 

“I can’t eat the same things all the time”
Have you every said “healthy food is boring and I can’t eat the same things every day”, “I won’t eat rabbit food” except if its timtams or weetbix or…. Most people only rotate between 3 – 5 different meals at each major mealtime per week.

If you are unsure if this is you write down what you eat for a couple of weeks and you will instantly know what I am talking about and the most successful narrow that choice even further.


“I don’t like rabbit food”


Having poor experiences with healthy food in the past can affect your mindset going into preparing and committing to a healthier diet. If you think it will be boring you are not getting creative enough and you haven’t found this wonderful resource called, so take some time and find some tasty recipes for your meal plans and preparations. 


‘I don’t have time”


Its time to take 10 minutes and write up a schedule of everything you actually do in the day. Include in your schedule time to eat, time to recover, work, calls family time. The most important part of this exercise is to detail what exactly it is you will be doing in this time. So if it is family time what do you intend on doing e.g.. going to the park, watching a movie, arts and crafts.  Once you have scheduled everything then tell me you don’t have time it normally is a game changer. If in doubt you can also sneak ahead and look at Tip 2 below it will help a lot! 

Planning and preparation will take an initial commitment from you, but you wouldn’t even be reading this post right? You are ready for change, you are sick and tired of feeling the way you are and it is time to hold yourself to a higher standard!

3 Tips on how to plan and prepare your food

1. Choose one day of the week to plan out the meals for the whole week. Initially limit your choices to just two options per meal. The ones you eat stay in the plan the ones that you don’t eat or avoid get eliminated form the plan

2. Prepare as many meals as you can in advance! This will mean less cooking time overall. Make extra dinner at night so that you have lunch for the next day or do a big cook up on one or two days and freeze meals for the week.

3. Eating less processed food normally means two shopping trips per week a major and a minor shop. Never shop on an empty stomach, as you are more likely to stray from your plan. Also deliberately avoid isles that have foods in it that you do now want to consume. These are simple mistakes that have destroyed many good intentions

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