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Winter Transformation Challenge 2017

This our major challenge for the next 3 months! The challenge that will boost your motivation, put the foot down on your results and literally change your life in the next three months!

Our goals and motivation for running the challenge:
We have noticed year after year that winter can be the LEAST motivating time of the year. It is a time of the year when we crave cosy high carb, high fat meals, sit rapped up on the couch watching Netflix,  it is dark outside so we don’t move as much, and it is cold and rainy and people take on a gloomy demeanour.

We decided three years ago that this not on! Not on our watch, when we can do something about it. SO we challenge you to go against the norm and join us in changing your body and mind over the winter months, to be apart of community that supports each other to stay healthy, motivated, focused and get into great shape whilst everyone else is being lazy on the couch!  

The goals for our 2017 Winter Transformation Challenge are: 

  1. Establish behaviours that will follow you through even after the challenge
  2. Give you the tools and techniques to turn on your ability to lose weight at your leisure
  3. To put you in a highly supportive environment that will help you work through the mental and physical blocks of change
  4. See some massive TRANSFORMATIONS of body and mind!


The Winter Transformation Challenge is for you if: 
You are looking for a highly motivated and driven environment to achieve great weight loss results (we have seen 10kgs + results each year)

You are looking to gain more energy for the day to day
If you are looking at working at changing your own behaviour and discipline around nutrition and exercise.
If you are looking to challenge yourself to achieve something that you haven’t achieved before.


The Categories for the challenge this year are: 

1. Weight loss by percentage – Simply the person who has managed to lose the most weight by percentage of their starting weight for the challenge

2. Best Physique transformation – Before and after shots for physique

3. Challenge MVP – One who has contributed to the community, showed outstanding effort and support to their fellow transformation team mates


What is included in the 4 U Body Fitness WTC 17: 

  • 12 weeks of progressive workouts for beginner and intermediate fitness levels with the use of minimal equipment at home, with video tutorials on how to do each exercise!
  • Access to the 4 U Body Fitness App – to track all your progress, workouts and plan
  • A customised workout calendar so you no when and what you need to train
  • Unlimited support from our team phone, Facebook and e-mail
  • Exclusive access to our 4 U Body Fitness WTC17 Facebook Group
  • We have created an example meal plan that will guide you with your nutrition (vegetarian and vegan options also available) 
  • We will be giving you HTL5 our e-book on how to lose your first 5kgs – this includes how to create workouts at home and Hiit sessions, a Nutrition guide and Recipes!
  • We have created a Master your Mindset coaching guide. This includes – How to create your vision, How to set goals to achieve your vision, and a template for you to use anytime you want to achieve anything!
  • Habits of Success e-book
  • Q and A Live Fridays


Rules of the challenge: 

Photo must be uploaded upon registration to the 4 U Body Fitness App and you will get access to the phase one workouts within 24 hours of registration, if there are exercises you cannot complete on the workout programs please ask for alternatives from your trainer or Tim (

E-books and other resources will also be sent to you within 24 hours of registration

Progress photos (front, back and side) and weigh in must be posted at each check in which will be the last day of each month

As you complete your workouts you must add them to the 4 U Body Fitness app  so we can help keep track of your progress.

The challenge is designed to help with behavioural change, discipline and focus. For these reasons a failure to check in each month means that you will be omitted from the challenge, and taken off the WTC17 Vip group.
Challenge Dates:
Registration opens: Thursday 18-05-2017

Challenge week 1 starts: Thursday 01-06-2017

Registration closes: Monday 5-06-2017

1st Check in due: Friday 30-06-2017

2nd Check in due: Monday 31-07-2017

Challenge ends and final check in: Thursday 31-08-2017

How much does the WTC17 cost? 

With all of the inclusions above the WTC17 is only $49

However if you are a current 4 U Body Fitness VIP (personal training or boot camp client) the cost is ZERO, We provide this challenge to you completely free of charge! 


To register click the link and fill out the details and we will get you your starter pack:


Do I need any equipment? 
We only recommend purchasing a suspension trainer (between $20 – $60) Kmart, Aldi, gumtree, e-bay all sell them cheap

Do I need previous experience? No, we will provide you with full support on any questions you may have, and all exercises come with video tutorials 
If I am interstate can I still be apart of the challenge? Yes, you will be given everything you need to train from your home. 

Is the food expensive? No everything on our example meal plan is interchangeable and you will probably save money on the food that you cut out. 

Can I drink Alcohol? For best results no. However if you have a couple of drinks it will not be the end of the world you will just not get the best results possible. 

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