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Hi Team! I created a quick video that we put on Facebook and I didn’t want you to miss it! 

The video today is about pattern breakers. A quick simple technique to help you break the sub conscious habits you have that are not serving you at the moment. 

If breaking old habits is something that interests you take note below!

Step 1. Be mindful of the pattern you want to break and understand what cues maybe initiating the behaviour. e.g is your afternoon coffee break a cue for you to go into the kitchen at work!

Step 2. Stop yourself in the moment. You may want to physically say stop 

Step 3. Change your state. Dance, jump around shake it off. This may feel silly but what is silly is not doing something about a habit that iso not serving you 

Step 4. Immediately implement the pattern you want to be there

Step 5. Congratulate yourself and celebrate! this will add a positive emotional connection to the new pattern and help make it stick. You will want to do this again because you have attached the positive emotion to it! 
Stay Awesome!

Tim Morgan, 

4 U Body Fitness

Mobile personal training specialists 

Tim morgan

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