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Overcoming hurdles – emotions

Overcoming hurdles – emotions


I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has had to overcome while trying to succeed.

Booker T. Washington

In order to achieve great things; we must overcome many hurdles. It’s said that on average an adult makes around 35,000 decisions daily, each decision will alter the course of your path some only slightly, others may decide whether you succeed or fail for that day and some can change your life completely.

When it comes to health and fitness food plays a major part. Making healthy food choices is a constant, never ending hurdle that plays a large part in our journey for weight loss. One tiny slip up won’t result in a 10kg weight gain but it can wreak havoc on our mind. Feelings of disappointment, anger, depression, panic or regret are common emotions that arise when we place an expectation on ourselves. This can lead to emotional eating that will only cause more damage, its being able to handle these negative emotions in a positive manner that will enable us to jump over the hurdle and sprint forward towards the next one.


How do we overcome negative emotions?


In order to proceed forward we must first identify and name the emotion. Be a dispassionate observer, looking at yourself from outside the situation and make an assessment. From there we must notice how the emotion is effecting your behaviour. For example, if you’re angry; you may be talking loudly, using profanities with your arms or legs crossed. From there remind yourself that this emotion won’t last forever just like physical pain. Then you need to figure out what causes this pain. Is it because of what you ate, is it because you put an expectation on yourself or did you make a promise with yourself or someone else that you didn’t keep. Don’t blame yourself or anyone else for this emotion just identify the root of it. Now its time for acceptance, you’ve got this emotion, good or bad, you can’t change it. You have to live with it so you might as well accept it. Now that you’ve accepted it remind yourself that this emotion will pass, and keep remind yourself of it constantly.

Now that you’ve recognized and named the emotion, noticed how it’s affecting your behaviour, told yourself it won’t last forever, figured out what is causing the emotion, accepted it, and reminded yourself one more time that it will pass, it’s time to get back to whatever you were doing. If you need a quick break first, take it – go for a walk; do some pushups or jumping jacks; call a friend or a family member. Do whatever you need to do to bring yourself back to the present moment. Your emotion is just a feeling. It does not define who you are. Bring yourself back to your present moment, to your here and now.

Emotions are a natural part of our daily life, whether they are positive or negative only allow them to drive you to make decisions that are going to lead your success.


Gemma Sergeant 
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