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Hypertrophy for the Modern Man

Hi guys, today we have a guest post from our current work experience student, Justin McMillin. Enjoy!


Hypertrophy is a type of health and fitness training that is designed to increase muscle size. However, why does the modern man obsess over wanting Hypertrophy? Well due to social media judgment and the new generation of modern males, appearance is everything.


Arnie, the master of hypertrophy

Are you a man that loves when girls look and smile at you just because you look good? Or always wants to be that bit bigger for summer? Here’s the thing…

Hypertrophy isn’t just about benefiting in muscle size, other health and fitness benefits like decreasing blood pressure and increase in metabolism are two extremely important factors when considering someone’s health and fitness. Not only look great, but feel amazing also.

When training for hypertrophy making short and long term goals is key. No goals? What are you striving for then? Find what you want to achieve, write it down and work towards it. If its important to you, you wont cheat yourself. Several other factors like age, gender and nutrition can affect muscle hypertrophy. Natural hypertrophy normally stops at full growth in late teens, however, with the right amounts of macronutrients, (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) rest, and also the right training program, hypertrophy can be achieved.

Pre training meals/shakes are vital as we need to fuel our bodies according to what it needs. When training for hypertrophy, the body needs a great amount of energy and carbohydrates give us that fuel our bodies need for the upcoming workout. Protein is also needed for hypertrophy as it helps with muscle growth and repair. Pre training protein may also increase blood levels of growth hormone and testosterone. Post training carbohydrates and proteins give the muscles the fuel to recover.

Are you the modern man and want to gain hypertrophy? Are you focused on achieving you short and long-term goals and cant wait to experience the benefits? Well lets get to work on this incredible looking summer body, feel healthier and attain the WOW factor everyone wants.


Justin Mcmillin

AIF Master Personal Trainer

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