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Habits Of Success Series: Mastering self talk

Is the little voice in your head holding you back?
Time and time again the way we talk to ourselves directs us down a path that we are not happy or satisfied with! We are just guided in a direction subconsciously but buy mastering self talk and focusing on what you want you can start guiding yourself down the path that you actually want! In the following post we discuss how you can master the little voice in your head to get the results you want!

We all have that little voice in our head that says “Why am I doing this” “Its hard” “I’m tired” “Just this once” “Its Ok” “it wont hurt you have been good” Or “Its been a bad day I NEED WINE!“

I am here to let you know first of all your not crazy we all have that voice!

Secondly if you didn’t know this already you’re in control of that little voice, but only if you’re mindful of it. If you are not mindful of the little voice it will sit there chatting away to you that wont always serve you. The little voice will talk to you based on your current beliefs, values, and patterns from your past the problem with thi is that most of the beliefs and values were originally placed there as some form of protection to save you from emotional and physical pain and this was done when you understanding of the world was limited. The good news is that you can, with practice and mindfulness, change the way you think and talk to yourself. Start treating yourself like you deserve all of the good things to happen to you and they will! 

3 Tips to Master Self Talk

1. Witness the thoughts as an observer: When you see the negative self talk take a time to watch that thought flow by without engaging it. For example “oh there is that you can’t do this thought again”. Once you have witnessed the thought continue doing what needs to be done to achieve your goal

2. Practice changing negative thoughts into positive ones: Correct yourself when you hear particularly problematic self-talk. If you hear “I can’t do this” quickly follow it up with “I can do this because xyz”

3. Look for evidence in your life on why you will succeed. You can use a book of wins/ victory book for this where at the end of the day you write down everything you did successfully this may be as simple as brushing your teeth and getting out of bed without hitting snooze all the way up to completed a major project at work and went for a 10km run


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