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Get inspired and motivated this week and get into the healthy spirit.

Hi 4 U Body Fitness Awesomites! I have a special guest blogger for you today John Wheeler, who is dominating some work experience with us. So sit back relax and enjoy John’s blog post today! 

My names John and I’m an inspiring Personal training coach and nutritionist (almost there, it’s been a fun journey). I’m passionate about healthy living and through our busy daily lives I can understand the time and effort needed to achieve this.

One thing I love is a healthy lifestyle, it not only about fitness or nutrition, but your overall wellbeing. With Australia’s healthy weight week, it has me wondering if you yourself have thought about joining in and share this experience with me?

This week is Australia’s healthy weight week and endorsed by Dieticians association of Australia it is week filled with recipes and ideas to inspire healthy lifesyle. It has amazing tools to get you started and an awesome 10 week challenge I myself will try. I’d like everyone to have a think and come up with some healthy and inspiring ideas in the kitchen, workplace or home. It doesn’t have to be complex I’m not asking you to be Jamie Oliver or the commando, but I’d like you to think about what you are eating and get that body moving more this week.

My challenge for the week is to eat more fish, less chocolate and cut down on those sugary drinks. I will exercise more and create a healthy tasty dish that makes my mouth water. I’m going to think about what is good for me and what I should be thinking about in looking after my body. This week will be all about me, for you it could be yourself, your partner or your family, get everyone involved.

If you are looking for ideas to test your culinary skills check out Australia’s healthy weight week page download the menu and give it a go. Get creative, treat your body this week and give it the nutritional and physical attention it needs for a healthy lifestyle.

John Wheeler 
Diploma of Fitness Coaching 

Studying  Bachelor of Food and Nutritional Sciences

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