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Tanya Bowen Testimonial

Question #1:
What where your Challenges before you started 4UBF Personal Training?

My biggest challenges are Excuses!  My mind is full of them!  “too busy”, “too tired”, “too cold”, “too hot” and so on.

Question #2:
What results do you get / have you gotten from our Personal Training ?

I always considered myself as weak and having no upper body strength.  For the first time in my life, I feel strong and I can see some muscle definition happening in my shoulders and arms – yippee!   And I’m more toned everywhere else too (even the flabby glutes are starting to tighten!), and I’m feeling fitter each week.  Justin’s sessions are positive, motivational, fun, educational and rewarding!  Justin has provided me with some innovative workout techniques and I learn something new from him each week!  He is truly a Master of Fitness.!

Question #3:
What kept you from starting Personal Training sooner?

Fear of not being committed enough!   Prior to personal training, I’d done boot-camps, gym classes, online fitness programs and exercise DVDs.  The problem is, I do these things once or twice and then it’s back to the old excuses and eventually, I allow them to slide.  No accountability!  The decision to try Personal Training with 4UBF was the best decision I ever made with regards to my health and fitness!

Question #4:
What exactly did you like most about 4UBF Personal Training and / or 4 U
Body Fitness?

I love that my PT (Justin) comes to me in the privacy of my home gym.  And I love that 4UBF creates a whole program – not just a weekly session – but a weekly schedule tailored to suit me – and what I need to be doing each day/week to complement the training sessions.

Question #5:
Why would you recommend this Personal Training to those who might be on the

For those fence-sitters, I’d say this format is perfect for them!  The whole personal training concept is it is personal, it’s about you.  It is designed around your individual needs, goals and limitations.  Do it!



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