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Nicole Bartlett

Nicole Bartlett

Position: Level 1 Mobile Personal Training Specialist


I'm not going to sit here, lie and say that I was born a fitness junkie.

"Sometimes we are tested not to show our weaknesses - but to discover our strengths" 
Going through life as a teenager who was always unhappy in her body led to an unhealthy relationship with food for me, which then led to becoming an overweight adult. Not knowing where to begin or how to break the cycle, I discovered personal training. I started off as a client and fell head over heels in love with training and getting stronger, my passion for fitness and health has now led me here - where I want to share my knowledge and help others break that cycle of bad eating habits no matter the issue. 

(To learn more about nicole’s personal weight loss story click here -

So I now strive to be the best, and help people get to their best, and gain awesome friendships along the way.

So, come and join the party at 4 U Body Fitness, and let's achieve things together.

Favourite quote: Fitness isn’t a destination, it is a way of life


  • Certificate III in Fitness
  • Certificate IV in Fitness
  • First Aid Level II
  • Pre and postnatal training
  • The science of weight loss & Nutrition 
  • CPR

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