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Denise Wilson’s Progress

Have you recently moved to a new area and don’t feel like you have a community? Do you find that the excuses outweigh the benefits when it comes to regularly exercising? Is it time to change these things? These are the exact thoughts that Denise was going through before she joined up with 4UBF for personal training and bootcamps. See below for how she is going now!


Question #1:
What where your Challenges before you started 4UBF Personal Training?
I used to live very close to work and the gym. About 5 months ago I moved to Cranbourne and found it very difficult to fit in exercise. I started to go to the gym less and was staying at work late and missing the gym and finding the commute exhausting. I had no work life balance anymore. I started getting into bad eating habits and not feeling good about myself as I have always used exercise to keep me happy and positive. I am a very social person and when I moved it was harder to catch up with my friends who live in the city and I began feeling lonely for the first time in my life. Then I joined a boot camp and I started feeling much better but I needed personalised advise on how to get fitter and fix my nutrition. I felt like a lot of the exercises I was doing my technique was poor and this meant I was not working the right muscles!

Question #2:
What results do you get / have you gotten from our Personal Training ?
So far in the last 5 weeks I’m seeing great results. My energy levels have boosted sometimes I’m working out twice a day! My diet is so much better and I make better choices. My clothes are starting to feel looser and fit me better and my fitness has improved massively!! I am leaving work on time every day and feel like I have a much better work life balance again. All thanks to PT and boot camp 🙂

Question #3:
What kept you from starting Personal Training sooner?
Financial worries, fear, making excuses, didn’t find the correct trainer for me, time restraints

Question #4:
What exactly did you like most about 4UBF Personal Training and / or 4 U Body Fitness?
They are committed and dedicated. They go the extra mile. I am always texting Gemma asking for nutrition advice and she always sends me workouts personalised to what I need. She listens to me and makes me accountable for my own actions. She practices what she preaches. Her energy and positivity makes me feel good about myself. She really cares about her clients and really wants to help us achieve our goals. The boot camps have been great, the trainers are awesome and make you feel good about yourself. It’s a proper community and I’ve already made some lovely friends. It’s great to be part of a team. She makes me do the exercises I would never do on my own which is making me stronger.

Question #5:
Why would you recommend this Personal Training to those who might be on the fence?
I would recommend Gemma in a heartbeat. She is literally changing my life for the better! It’s not scary and it pushes you to be better and more focused. But I would say you have to be committed and dedicated as its hard work.

Question #6:
Do you have any other benefits you want to mention about 4 U Body Fitness and 4UBF Personal Training, or anything else you want to add?
I am so happy now in Cranbourne I feel like I’m part of a proper community of people who really care about each other. Hopefully as the year progresses I will keep going from strength to strength all thanks to 4 U Body fitness and personal training. Gemma is helping me train for my first ever Spartan race and for the first time ever I feel confident about my abilities. I really wanted a lifestyle change and I feel that they have given me the tools to change my ways. No junk food or alcohol now for over a month and its worth it! Thanks guys! I have had trainers in the past and Gemma is by far the best trainer ever!

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