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Winter Transformation Challenge 2021

Winter Is HERE and it is time to step up and transform your body and mind with the 4 U Body Fitness Winter Transformation Challenge 

This challenge is designed for individuals who are aiming to Change their Body and Mind in an safe, supportive environment with the best coaching available at the least motivating time of the year! 

To get the best results you will need to be –

  • Comfortable with change
  • Driven to succeed 
  • Work well in a supported environment 
  • Be able to take expert advice 


Get the right knowledge, the right support, and the right mindset from face-to-face and or online coaching and finally achieve the results you desire!

Registration is now open and our custom-built Winter Transformation packages start from as low as $29pw 

Each package includes 

  • VIP ACCESS To Our WTC Facebook Community  
  • Example Meal Plans 
  • How to Lose Your First 5kgs E-book
  • Access to our 4 U Body Fitness App and Custom Built Action Plan 
  • Your Choice of Mentor
  • Master Your Mindset Self Coaching Program
  • Mini-Challenges
  • Facebook Live Q and A’s  


Zoom Boot Camp Training (train anywhere with our expert coaches) 

Personal Training (AT YOUR HOME ) 

Or For Best Results BOTH! 

Contact Us Today To Register Your Interest To Find Out What Options Will Be Best For You! 

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Important Dates for the challenge

Challenge starts June 7th, 2021
Pre-season for those who register early and will have full access can start May 31st to the 6th of June!
We officially kick off on the 7th of June with the last chance to check-in is the 13th of June
The 2021 Winter Transformation Challenge concludes September 5th, 2021

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