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Your e-book “The 4UBF e-guide to losing your first five kilograms, and keeping it off” is now in your possession this simple and effective book has the ability to change your life, But only if you use the information inside! Make sure you follow the steps as a guideline for the changes you need to make to shape the body of your dreams! Keep reading about some special bonuses that I have for you today just for taking action


Over the next few days we are also going to send you some awesome information on how you can get the most out of the e-book, and of course to keep you accountable to your goals! 

I personally recommend e-mailing me your goals directly so that I can help following you up and keep you further accountable!

We can even help with designing some simple action steps for free with some of our amazing blog posts in “how to guide” section


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OK now for the cool bits BONUSES that will help you start achieving awesome results!



Bonus Number 1 


Free 2 Week Boot Camp pass for you and a friend Valued at $74 each! 

2 week boot camp pass

To activate your pass simply call 4UBF HQ 0403941014

Bonus Number 2 

4 U Body Fitness Action Plan Template 


4 U Body Fitness Action Plans are the blue print for your success, take about 15minutes to fill this in and work out the steps you need to take to maximise your result sand your commitment!  

Just click the picture above to download the action plan template! 

Now That You Are Set Up With The Tools To Eliminating Ugly Unwanted Body Fat From Your Body, The Secrets To Increasing Your Confidence and Strutting Your Stuff In Your Skinny Jeans Again, Start Taking Action! 

I Look Forward To Seeing Your Awesome Results,

Remember send your goals straight to me and I will personally keep you accountable ensuring your success! 

Tim Morgan

4 U Body Fitness

Mobile Personal Training Specialist


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