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Stop Feeling Fat And Flabby and Start Feeling Fit And

Fabulous This Summer!


On average Australians will gain 2.6kgs of body fat each year over the Christmas and New Year Period, it is our mission to change this statistic!

The problem is not that we gain an extra Christmas gift of 2.6kgs but it is the fact that we keep this gift, we treasure it and before you know it it is Christmas again!

We at 4 U Body Fitness are Putting it out to you, the men and women of Victoria, START NOW! Lets look sensational by this Christmas, lets prevent that fat gain and feel fabulous!

Watch below to view one of our clients Awesome results so far, and if you want further proof go to 

FEEL SEXY, SENSATIONAL, FIT AND FABULOUS THIS SUMMER, Contact our Mobile Personal Training Specialist Team 


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