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2015 Tomato Battle


Seeing Red and Preparing for War!


An overly enthusiastic group of 4UBF Awesomites decided to fight the good fight and represent our nation of 4 U Body Fitness in the epic event that is the tomato battle Melbourne.


We enter the event with many discussions on how hard a tomato can be who can crush the enemy and who may not even survive with the possibility in drowning in some of our favourite condiment the old “dead horse”


We line up in a big circle around 350000 (half rotting) tomatoes, the smell of tomatoes deep within our nostrils…. It doesn’t smell like roses either! Heart rates skip a beat as the first tomatoes fly prematurely! The crowd pushing against the security and you can sense that this is going to be war!


Before you can blink the crowd pushes past the security and it is game on! The first few tomatoes come your way and there is no place to hide too many to dodge at this moment it is clear, the best defense is a good offence!


One thing we learn very quickly is duck! One very intelligent fella is rocking a motorcycle helmet!


To have his vision would have been amazing


Moments in my 4UBF hat is lost in the masses of tomatoes. Lets take a moment to remember the fallen …. RIP Old faithful!


I remember quite clearly half way through the battle Luis Fabres and I have a moment of insanity! “Lets take the GO Pro through the middle!” Hahaha this was a great idea! Half way through I believe we where both being hit by 3 or 4 tomatoes per second! We have a couple of seconds of really good footage below!


Just a note too tomatoes surprisingly hurt! This didn’t really cross my mind when entering.


But overall it was a really fun day and a massive thank you to Nicole Goldsmith for organizing such a fantastic day!


Covered in epic amounts of tomato juice and still kicking check out the photo’s below!

Tim Morgan


4 U Body Fitness


Mobile Personal Training Specialist

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