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Pre-Season Bootcamp

Be Faster, Fitter and Freakin’ AWESOME This Season!

Have you ever felt like you aren’t fast enough? That you can’t jump high enough? Or simply, just not good enough? Are you ready to take your performance to the next level and give your coach absolutely no reason to keep you on the bench?
If your ready, then a proper pre-season training program is what you need!

4 U Body Fitness’s 200% money back guaranteed Boot Camp is designed to make you Faster, Fitter and Freakin’ AWESOME by giving you access to:

5 boot camp sessions per week (valued at $47)
5 bonus E-books including 10 Drills for Speed, Agility and Quickness, 5 Secrets to Improve Your Jump, Core Blaster, How to Build Your Own HIIT Program and Tim’s 7 Best Fat Melting Secrets (valued at $147)
Access to our 4 U Body Fitness VIP Facebook Group
4 U Body Fitness online support!

Our Boot Camp is specifically designed to prevent injury throughout the season, increase your vertical leap, make you more agile, increase core strength and destroy body FAT and most importantly take YOU and YOUR game to the next level!

This is what our Bootcampers said last year!

I joined 4 U Body Fitness for pre-season boot camp as I was playing my first season of semi-professional basketball and had recently had a knee reconstruction. My goal was to get fit and have an edge over opponents while strengthening my knee and core strength. I achieved this over the course of my boot camp sessions through the motivation, training, goal setting and professional knowledge the team at 4 U body fitness provided me with. I felt fitter and healthier and was ready to tackle the season ahead all thanks to Tim and his team. I can’t wait to start the next pre-season boot camp and cannot recommend them highly enough!

— Lara Pauline, Captain, Casey Cavaliers Big V D2W

Of everything I have ever done to improve my fitness, 4 U Body Fitness’ Boot Camps are by the far the most effective, enjoyable and rewarding thing I have ever done.

Last year I was selected to play Big V Basketball for the D2 Women’s Cranbourne Cavaliers, and would not have made it through the season without assistance of the 4 U Body Fitness Team.

Taking part in the Boot Camp in the months prior to the start of the basketball season, I believe was extremely beneficial to my success. In addition to the physical advantages I gained, my endurance, strength and agility also improved. As basketball is a game of reaction, explosive movements and abrupt changes in direction, I was keen to improve on these and found the diversity of each Boot Camp session allowed me to do so. Ultimately transforming me into a better basketball player and athlete.

I would sincerely like to thank Tim and his team at 4U Body Fitness for helping me achieve things I never thought I would. Boot Camp was HARD but awesome!!!! The team is highly professional, motivating and lots of fun.To anyone thinking of signing up – do it! You won’t regret it.

— Nicole Hornstra, Casey Cavaliers, Big V D2W

Boot Camp Time Table

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Pre-season starts Monday 10th of December.
For less than $7.50 per session (that’s a $250 saving over December and January),



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